Letters to the Editor

Postal Service must do better job on complaints

The Postal Service is doing a poor job of delivery. Customers are entitled to mail being delivered to the correct address in reasonably good condition.

Recently, residential mail with clearly readable addresses is often being "scattered" to wrong locations, is arriving soaked in moisture from rain or carrier perspiration, and sometimes regular items don't arrive at all. These are not isolated instances; they happen frequently on my route.

This is frustrating. There is little use in talking to carriers because they appear to be largely the source of the problem. And the conditions I refer to cannot fail to be obvious to responsible carriers, so they must be just ignoring them. Is this an attitude problem, or inadequate supervision, motivation and/or training?

Customers find it impossible to contact specific route supervisors. And how can supervisors know what really takes place on the routes without customer comments?

The Postal Service needs to establish a well-publicized 800 number and e-mail address for complaints. This information should go directly to the appropriate managers, who are then charged with investigating complaints and taking effective corrective action. And customers should receive a response.

Without such steps, customers aren't getting proper "service" from the Postal Service.

James Martin