Letters to the Editor

Withdraw now

The health of the peace movement is pretty good considering it's mostly made up of people in their 60s and up, many of whom were the so-called "hippie" types who protested Vietnam.

The biggest difference between then and now in Iraq is that most Americans believe that we went there on false information supplied to us by the Bush administration. Most believe that staying in Iraq makes us more in peril from terrorism, not safer. More than 70% of Americans oppose continuing the military occupation in Iraq. Sixty percent of Iraqis want us to leave now. More than 50% of Iraqis think that the U.S. is the problem there, that we are the enemy.

Whatever happens in Iraq now has to be the responsibility of the Iraqis. If they have chosen to have a civil war, the U.S. should not be in the middle of it. Military might is of no further use in creating that country's future. The U.S. needs to get out as soon as possible!

We need to write and call our Congress members and push them to do the right thing, the brave thing -- to cut off funds, push for withdrawal now!

Jeanie Warner