Letters to the Editor

Important news

Let's see ... One and one-half pages of the Sunday Bee [Jan. 28] devoted to a luncheon for 130 "Bearded Santas," including six photos. Less than one-half page on protests involving tens of thousands of people against the war in Iraq including one photo. Is this what the public wants?

I thought The Bee would report on what is "important" news when the U.S. is facing yet another poor plan from the Bush administration, sending in more troops in almost the fourth year of conflict.

There was one paragraph that mentioned the 300-plus people who gathered at the corner of Shaw and Blackstone avenues supporting the March in Washington, D.C. A lot of honking in support from the cars that passed by, but honking will not reach the ears of our representatives. I would encourage people to write their representatives now to voice their views. I would encourage The Bee to leave future Santa articles to the Life section.

Barbarann Hormann