Letters to the Editor

'Hateful rhetoric'

If the purpose of the letters forum is to enlighten and present points of view that may change one's mind, then those who engage in name-calling and ad hominem attacks violate that principle.

Specifically, I mention Bill Warner's letter (Jan. 28) in which he refers to the Bush administration as "flag-wrapped cowards" and "chickenhawks." Persuasive argument involves setting a premise and presenting a logical series of statements designed to strengthen that premise. Mr. Warner's comments serve only a catharsis of frustration and validation by those who support similar views.

Mr. Warner began his letter with what seemed like a sound answer to a trite question, which asked how many war protesters served in the military. Rather than illustrating why military veterans have a right (like any other American) to protest the war, he spiraled into a litany of names that, according to the listed Web site, served little or no time in the military. He finishes with the name-calling. What might have been a sound response turned into hateful rhetoric.

It is doubtful any minds became sympathetic to Mr. Warner's cause as a result of his letter.

Christopher G. Tasy