Letters to the Editor

Redistricting benefits

I can well appreciate Jerry McMenamin's comments [letter Jan. 25] regarding statements made by state Sen. Dick Ackerman regarding his virtual lock on his district. Perhaps these remarks were made to emphasize the need for redistricting the entire state.

Politicians of both parties seem to feel very safe for re-election at every election. This is not the American way of fairness, under which clean competition should prevail to determine the best candidate.

Assembly Member Mike Villines has stated on several occasions that he very much wishes to have the state change from the gerrymandered system we have now.

Unfortunately, the majority of the Legislature does not favor this action, for fear of potentially losing their seats with all the magnificent benefits that accompany these much sought after positions. The benefits that would accrue as a result are too numerous to list here. Let us hope the electorate is ready for this change.

There is no comparison between wives and dogs as Mr. McMenamin alludes to. Perhaps it's just a figure of speech, for emphasis only.

Rene Lastreto Sr.