Letters to the Editor

'The true agenda'

That the globe has warmed in the past 150 years is undeniable. After all, beginning about 1850 the earth started to emerge from a mini-ice age (there is a reason the Vikings called it "Greenland"), so by definition the earth has warmed.

That man has contributed more than several hundredths of a degree to the warming is both arrogant and laughable. Are the environmentalists actually telling us it was a good thing the buffalo hunters killed all those methane-producing bison, and thereby slowed global warming?

Scientists have recently noted that we have entered a cyclic period of increased sun-spot activity. News flash to global warming alarmists: The sun actually does cause global warming!

Near the end of Wayne Madsen's commentary [Jan. 28] lies the true agenda behind politicizing global warming. He suggests "stiff new carbon taxes on all industries and products that emit carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases," i.e., nearly everything. The liberals/socialists see the creation of a global warming "crisis" as a reason for imposing taxes to transfer wealth to their disposal, and imposing draconian lifestyle changes on an unwilling public.

Donna Andrews