Letters to the Editor

Valentine's gift for kids: Adopt a zoo animal

This year we are adopting four animals for Valentine's Day for our four precious grandbabies. When they visit yearly, we visit the Chaffee Zoo and they see their names on the adoption board and meet the adopted animal.

This year the zoo's flyer says "Tickle your Valentine's fancy with a peacock adoption." The adoption cost is $35. You receive a certificate of adoption, a fact sheet on the peacock, the recipient's name on the adoption board, an invitation to the Zoobilation party at the zoo and a stuffed peacock (while supplies last). If you want it mailed to your Valentine, the zoo will do that for an extra $5.

If you don't want to become an adopted parent of a peacock, what about the grizzly bear, pink flamingo, kit fox, prairie dog or the giant Galapagos tortoise? Don't forget, the Chaffee Zoo has reptiles and amphibians, too.

Individuals and business can adopt a peacock or two and donate it to Children's Hospital Central California. Think how happy those children would be with an adopted animal of his or her own.

Call the Fresno Chaffee Zoo at 498-5921 or e-mail to membership@fresnochaffeezoo.com.

Susanmarie Lobach