Letters to the Editor

Outrage on campus

It is an outrage that California State University, Fresno administrators misappropriated funds to athletics tha t donors intended for academics -- and then concealed that misconduct for years. There needs to be a major housecleaning at Fresno State. It will happen only if the community demands it.

For years Fresno State has favored athletes over non-athletes. Why is it so much easier for a basketball player to get tutoring in math and writing than it is for a poor student who just wants a degree and a job?

Why does Fresno State underfund book and scholarly journals purchases for the library and build colossus after colossus for sports events and Britney Spears concerts?

Why, when so-called "merit" pay raises and promotions and sabbaticals are handed out, does the university favor faculty with national reputations for publication and grant-writing and undercompensate faculty who do the hard, unglamorous work of teaching basic skills, administering essential programs and serving on essential committees?

President John Welty and Vice President Peter Smits owe students, faculty and the community an apology and an immediate opening up of the university's records to public scrutiny.

And we all owe it to the Valley's students to demand a change. Now.

Andy Hart

Professor Emeritus

California State University, Fresno