Letters to the Editor

Deadly combination

The reality is that Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq have been killing each other for more than 1,400 years. Through various forms of brutality and suppression, Saddam Hussein kept the lid on that cauldron of boiling hatred for decades.

President Bush, who has a close life-time relationship with failure, has let that nasty genie out of the bottle and doesn't know how to stuff it back in. After 46 months of death and destruction, he thinks more troops are the answer. More troops just means more killing; there has been more than enough of that already. The Sunnis and Shiites will have to settle their issues themselves; foreign troops are obviously not the solution.

We destroyed a functioning nation, such as it was, and we cannot "fix it." It is time for us to get out of the way, pay for the damage and reconstruction, and let the Iraqis get on with their lives in whatever manner they choose.

America has paid a high price for President Bush's misadventure in Iraq. Stupidity, combined with arrogance and greed, are a deadly and very expensive combination.

In the future we should obtain our oil the old-fashioned way -- buy it.

Jim Landis