Letters to the Editor

'Satan himself'

After turning on the evening news and watching Sen. Hillary Clinton announce her intention to seek her party's nomination for president, I thought I had better get this off my chest early, before everyone else jumps into the debate.

Even though I have, for the most part, been a Republican for many years, I was fully prepared to vote Democratic in the next presidential election, based entirely on the Bush administration's unwillingness to recognize or address the critical issue of global warming and its total failure in Iraq.

I decided it would be better to pay a lot more taxes in support of society's non-contributors than having the country ruined by a war we don't belong in and the planet poisoned and baked to the point of no return for future generations of Americans.

Unfortunately, the Republicans could run Satan himself for president (the far left thinks they already have) and I would still have to vote for him rather than Hillary. Sorry, kids!

Roger Lowder