Letters to the Editor

'Ticketing' dogs

Fresno City Council Member Brian C. Calhoun intends to stay close to his constituents by hosting early morning "coffees" on the corner of Bullard and West avenues every so often. He stands, waves and smiles at the passersby. I found out the hard way early Jan. 25 that Mr. Calhoun probably doesn't want to actually talk to anyone.

I approached Mr. Calhoun on foot (with my own coffee) to ask him about the use of police time to "ticket" barking dogs. Three members of my immediate family have received notices from the police regarding barking dogs. I think this is a misuse of police time, having an officer sit 15 minutes at a time in front of a house to listen for a dog's bark.

It might be better use of police time to look for two-legged Bulldogs instead of the four-legged variety.

I addressed Mr. Calhoun as he was finishing his public show. He was packing up and never stopped cleaning up the corner while I spoke to him. He didn't bother to ask my name, or shake my hand. How un-politician of him.

Dog owners beware! Mr. Calhoun thinks "ticketing" dogs is a valid use of police time.

Janet Lynn Ballinger