Letters to the Editor

'Political distortions'

As a columnist, Jay Ambrose is a joke. His recent harangue [Jan. 24], "Time to get serious about Social Security," is a compendium of age-old political distortions and misrepresentations.

Several studies by independent firms, published in several news sources, have revealed that the president and the Congress have spent $1.9 trillion from the Social Security Trust Fund in the last seven years -- $1.5 billion is being spent on the debacle in Iraq every week!

Both Democrats and Republicans are at fault because they either have to stop spending or raise taxes, or both, to get the money back they owe the American people.

Somebody please explain to me why the people should approve of spending more than $300 billion on that escapade in Iraq, when the money is coming from money paid and earmarked for people's retirement?

Mr. Ambrose suggests that President Bush might go down in history as the "Republican president who rescued Social Security." Has he lost his mind? Bush and a gutless Congress got us into this mess, but somehow they're to become heroes if they avoid paying back the money and cut Social Security benefits?

Bill Shawhan