Letters to the Editor

'Nary a ripple'

The casual consumer of news, both here and in many parts of our nation, would have assumed, based on the coverage of events commemorating the 34th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, that small but approximately equal numbers of people stated their case on each side of the life issue. Ho-hum.

The real story, missed by the media, is that the appetite for the "right" to choose to kill one's child before birth is waning drastically in the U.S. As Alexander Sanger, international Planned Parenthood leader, told Glamour magazine, "It's not just the numbers that are down among pro-choice women. It's the enthusiasm." Gallup Poll recently found only 19% of teens in agreement with the extent of Roe. Fifty-four percent of new voters describe themselves as pro-life.

The many youthful faces among the 20,000 marching alongside us "seasoned veterans" of the movement in the Walk for Life West Coast was a clear sign of a marked shift in values.

Yes, 20,000 people marched (in San Francisco!) and didn't merit a mention in The Bee or on Fresno's television media! And nary a ripple in the nation's media about the 100,000-plus who marched for life in Washington, D.C., on Monday!

Roberta Genini