Letters to the Editor

Health care mistake

God bless Dr. Linda Halderman (Valley Voices Jan. 20) for voluntarily treating low-income patients and for doing so despite low reimbursements by the government. Shame on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for asking her to return 2% of her income.

Government payments for health care are not only absurdly low, they are also allocated so that rural areas receive less funds. Compare this with prevailing wages paid to construction workers for government projects. A carpenter in Fresno receives the same pay as one in San Francisco.

And now Gov. Schwarzenegger wants to put a 2% levy on physicians' incomes to help pay for universal health care. His rationale is that they will receive more income, so should pay more.

If physicians must return 2% of their income, then so should other professions. How about lawyers? NBA stars? The local newspaper? Small businesses? Never mind, Gov. Schwarzenegger's hitting them with a 4% tax.

Californians turned back tax hikes on smokers in November and the rich in June. We must not let Gov. Schwarzenegger go after physicians and small businesses. With the highest taxes in the country, no physician will practice in California. What will the governor do then?

Fran Blackney