Letters to the Editor

'Near bankruptcy'

Republicans often say that the country should be run as if it were a business. Fair enough. So here's the bottom line: This "business" is near bankruptcy, both financially and morally. Fewer than 30% of Americans approve of how it's being managed, yet our current president refuses to listen to them nor change course.

We have paid dearly; it has cost us our national and financial security, our reputation and credibility, the world's respect and admiration -- and many human lives. We've been lied to, cheated and robbed. Internal corruption and deceit have run rampant, with little or no oversight.

If the United States of America were indeed a public corporation -- the American citizens its shareholders, Congress its board of directors and George W. Bush its CEO -- then he and others in this administration would be unquestionably fired and likely indicted.

Ample grounds for impeachment exist. So why are we still putting up with this?

Rick Hodgson