Letters to the Editor

Let's light up downtown Fresno all year-round

During a coffee break a few mornings back, we began discussing how bright and appealing downtown Fresno looked during the holidays. We saw buildings alive with lights, one with an electrical Christmas tree beaming from its top. This bright view declared Fresno a vibrant community. It was such a contrast to what one usually sees after dark: an empty, barren group of buildings reminiscent of a ghost town.

Why not consider brightening the night skyline year-round? It would present a warm, memorable impression to the thousands driving through Fresno daily on Freeways 99 and 41.

Like New York, Miami and San Francisco, Fresno should be proud to illuminate its skyline, the skyline of the largest city in the heart of the nation's agricultural center.

Our city fathers are currently discussing the expenditure of hundreds of thousands of dollars so that we might attract more visitors and commerce to our city. Strategic lighting of our skyline would be a modest investment toward this goal.

Don La Mont

Joaquin Jimenez