Letters to the Editor

Mexico can do it

When Vicente Fox became president of Mexico, there was hope for Mexico and the Mexican people. But he failed to attack the corruption and drug cartels that rule Mexico. Again there is renewed hope in the new president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon.

I believe most Americans want Mexico to have a great leader who will not accept poverty and crime as a way of life for his fellow Mexicans, but will encourage his people to help in the hard work it will take to make Mexico the great democracy that it can be.

Mexico has the resources to do it. But without trust in the Mexican people and a willingness to allow others to invest in the country, it can't succeed.

My hope is that the people of Mexico will join their new president in his brave battle against the drug cartels. Mexico can become a great country and America should help -- not just by giving millions of dollars to the government without close scrutiny of how that money is spent.

American and Mexico can become better neighbors.

Joyce Bjerk