Letters to the Editor

Bring it all home

Recently I read in The Bee that our Congress has to do something about cutting back on Medicare and Social Security. This struck a nerve. I'm 90 years old. I first signed up for Social Security when I was 18 and President Roosevelt enacted the program. I paid into it for 65 years. I went on Medicare when I was 65. Medicare is not free. I pay $93.50 out of my Social Security check each month.

Meanwhile, we spend billions in countries that hate us, and we will probably be spending more.

I have supported our president on many things, but I believe he is wrong to continue the Iraq war. I was in the Army in World War II. We went into battle and defeated the enemy. That was the end of the battle. In Iraq, we could defeat everyone in a village except one Iraqi and he would blow up 50 people.

Get out of Iraq before we lose any more of our soldiers, and let the Iraqis fight each other. Then maybe we would have enough money to pay for Medicare and Social Security. Then our older people could enjoy good health and living without worry.

Bill Barcus