Letters to the Editor

Teaching moments

Being a teacher is sometimes stressful, to say the least, with lesson plans and standards and accountability for actually teaching lessons to students who sometimes seem like they just do not care. Our job is to find ways to trigger their interest. Excite the learning bug in their brain.

Recently I was invited to visit the Gold Gulch Museum at the Broken Bit in Coarsegold. They offer a good four-hour field trip for all age groups, but focused on third, fourth and fifth grades.

It was amazing! They offer gold panning, candle-making, geology digs, rocks and minerals, gemstone mining, a real mine adventure and a real blacksmith, and all the teachers are in character for the period.

To think that this fabulous hands-on experience is just one hour away from Fresno, or they will travel to your school -- how lucky we are. And most of what they do teaches to the mandated standards.

I hope teachers who have not been will take the time to check it out. Their students will benefit. They will learn more in four hours than teachers can teach in a week. We are so lucky to live in this history-rich Valley.

Mary Funk