Letters to the Editor

'The only reasons'

I see a few people trying to defend the Bush war. Others say there is way too much criticism of the president during wartime (as if that aided and abetted our enemies); still others say that if we leave now "all hell will break loose," or that Democrats need a plan before they oppose President Bush's.

I vaguely remember something about "Mission Accomplished" -- how are we doing on that?

If everything was working so well up until Nov. 6, why couldn't President Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice or Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld travel to Iraq, except under cover of darkness and very tight security?

Also, any progress on getting all those plum contractor jobs that are now going to American and Western companies, to Iraqis? If I were any more cynical, I'd say that the only reasons for going into Iraq were to destabilize the region, push oil prices up and give a last chance to President Bush's team of "good ol' boys" to make some big money. Any comments?

Randolfo Hernandez