Letters to the Editor

'We can't just quit'

I am an independent voter. I do not believe or support a lot of the other two parties' ideals. So when I speak of the war in Iraq, I speak independently.

Before this war started, years ago, a lot of people asked me what I thought. My reply: I don't want our country to go to war. It will last for years -- could be five or more. Do we really know?

Almost everyone was saying let's do this and end Saddam Hussein's power. Our nation stood together -- united -- without thinking long-term.

Today, when asked, I say: A lot has gone wrong, but far more has gone right for the people of Iraq and the world. We must remain united and if that means I need to stand behind President Bush, then that's what I'll do to keep our nation strong.

Are we going to give up and let all the lost lives and hard work be for what? We need to see this war to the end. This is not a political game -- we can't just quit. What if you lived in Iraq? Is this only our president's war? United we stand -- divided we fall!

Nancy Davison