Letters to the Editor

'Trendier than Thou'

As a son of Christianity in the Global South, I take exception to Edward Brennan's comments (letter Jan. 12). The Peter Akinola he casually refers as "the chairman of Global" is the Archbishop of Anglican Church in Nigeria, the largest Anglican Province in the world, with 17 million members. Is it because Archbishop Akinola is from Africa and the Global South that his title can be ignored?

It is not as egregious as the New York Times, the daily diary of liberalism, describing him as "the son of an illiterate widow." One cannot fail to notice elitist snobbery beneath the egalitarian professions.

Calling oneself a New Testament Christian while treating the Old Testament with disdain is not as hip as Mr. Brennan thinks. He has some old company. Marcion, the second century heretic, rejected the Old Testament and chopped off half the New Testament as well. Of course, Marcion went into oblivion without leaving much of a trace.

A more accurate name for those who embrace cultural fads wholesale and reject the authority of the scriptures, 20 centuries of tradition, and the faith and practices of the overwhelming majority of world Christians may be "Trendier than Thou Christians."

Parel Mathai