Letters to the Editor

Force a change

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has claimed that Democrats will not undermine the troops by cutting off funding for the military adventures in Iraq. This is something that is both good and bad to say. In the greater plan, the Democrats may have to use the funding as the only real means of forcing changes that the Bush administration refuses to make, and it won't serve the troops or America to limit their options.

Does this mean that the Democrats aren't in favor of the troops? Absolutely not. The fact that the Democrats want to stop sending in more troops to a situation that is out of our control means that they no longer want to recklessly waste the lives of our military men and women to support a campaign that was bogus to begin with.

What the Congress needs to do is remember that the Constitution gives them the power to declare war and the power to authorize the president to wage such war. If the president isn't fulfilling his obligation, the Congress has every right to force the president to change his course by whatever means are available.

Bryan Galt