Letters to the Editor

Fresno ought to get into the ice rink business

A city of Fresno spokesperson was recently quoted in The Bee: "We're not in the rink business." OK, however, our city has financed a chicken business, a tortilla factory and a baseball stadium, which sits empty most nights. What could be more beneficial to our kids than participating in youth sports, thereby gaining improved health, self-esteem and, at the very least, staying out of trouble due to dedication to their sport?

I submit either we pay for this now, or we'll pay a lot more for it later, as idle youth with time on their hands often gravitate to more risky activities. Take away the thing they love most in life and see what happens.

Boys, girls, men, women, Special Olympics, Police Activities League, churches and youth groups all use our local facility for hockey, figure skating, public skating and broomball. If this rink closes, do you really think the Falcons will stay here if they have to drive to Bakersfield or Stockton to practice?

City leaders want to tell all of the above "Find another sport," yet they pay a consultant $200,000 to improve our image. Just a suggestion: Start here. Not in the rink business? We should be.

Bill Ferguson