Letters to the Editor

'Saw it coming'

Think of a building built on a flimsy, illegal, misplaced foundation. This "war" in Iraq is like that building. The longer it goes on, the more unstable it becomes.

Think of this building as having a foundation of lies and misinformation about the enemy, unprepared for any kind of war.

Every day another story higher, of reality left behind, and knowing less, where we are going.

Next month the chief says, a few more men, bigger perimeters, more engagements, higher losses, our men, no gain for the "building"!

The day will come, sooner than later, when someone sees the light and yells for all to hear, "Get out when you can, before the building falls to hell, and we come crawling home, just like Vietnam!"

And have we learned anything? We all saw it coming.

Jack Smith