Letters to the Editor

'Take a good look'

In recent months, I have heard, read and seen much about the Iraq war. People on both sides have their opinion. That's great, that's what this country is all about.

My concern is those who say pull out of Iraq now. Have they not taken the time to read history, and understand that it repeats itself? Have any of the protesters served in the military? How would they feel if they did serve? Do they realize that without the services of those gone by, they would not have the opportunity to have the freedoms they do now?

Freedom has a price. Freedom is not free. Those who believe it is should go to other countries that do not have the freedoms we do in the United States and then return. I'm certain there would be a change of attitude -- unless they enjoy not having freedom, such as it is.

We have all made errors, but there is room for change, providing we take a good look at ourselves and ask the question: How much am I willing to risk to have and maintain the freedom afforded to me?

Take a good look, get a life and move on.

Audrey Redmond