Letters to the Editor

Call him Dr. No

For those not paying attention to our re-elected representative from our 21st District, Devin Nunes, and his votes in the new 110th Congress, here is a re-cap:

Voted "no" on adopting the Rules of the House, which among other things regulate lobbyist activity and ethics.

No on HR 1, implementing the 911 Commission Recommendations Act (passed 299-128)

No on HR 2, Fair Minimum Wage Act (passed 315-116)

No on HR 3, Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act (passed 253-174)

No on HR 4, Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act (passed 255-170)

No on HR 5, College Student Relief Act of 2007 (passed 356-71).

No on HR 6, Creating Long Term Energy Alternatives for the Nation Act (passed 264-163). Go to http://thomas.loc.gov for a summary of any bill.

Apparently he is not interested in making our country more secure from terrorists, raising the minimum wage, stem cell research from blastocysts that will otherwise be thrown in the trash, negotiating for cheaper drug prices for seniors, reducing the interest rate on student loans, or reducing subsidies to oil companies making unprecedented profits, and redirecting those funds toward renewable energy.

Cheryl Reynolds

Shaver Lake