Letters to the Editor

'We must be committed' to Dr. King's dream

The Martin Luther King Jr. event was a great success this year. People from all walks of life showed up out of respect for Dr. King and our determination to keep alive his dream to promote peace, love and unity.

Because of his dream that all God's children should be treated equal and with dignity, we shall continue to pursue what he so eloquently set out to do so we can keep that dream alive.

He had a dream that some day all the people would be able to have a decent wage, so we would someday climb up the economic ladder of success. Let us keep working to keep that dream alive.

He had a dream that someday we would walk hand-in-hand in our never-ending quest for social justice and civil rights. Let's keep that dream alive. Today, I think we are doing a good job of keeping his dream -- now ours -- alive.

Dr. King said that, in our struggle for human rights and workers' rights, if we are able to bring about the kind of changes that will cause the world to stand up and take notice, we must be committed. Those are his words.

Matilda Rangel