Letters to the Editor

Outlandish comment

This is in response to Ken Sebesta's Jan. 15 letter entitled "Wimps and cowards." After reading the letter, I couldn't help but find the typical commonalities that seem to be present with any conservative's argument regarding the war and, as well, Democrats.

Let me break down his comments: Mr. Sebesta says that a portion of this country is "nothing more than a bunch of passivists, wimps and cowards when it involves the military." No, sir, we are not. However, the American people do get tired of a continually costly, unproductive war.

It might be argued that we "passivists" care more for the outcome of the war in the sense that it is not about winning or losing anymore, rather about bringing our troops home safely and not allowing the purposeless deaths that continue to occur.

In regard to us wanting to lose the war -- that is the most untrue, outlandish comment in his letter.

Last, we do not forget what happened on 9/11. In fact, it's hard to when 3,000 (roughly the same number of casualties on 9/11) have died since the beginning of this "war." I support our military wholeheartedly, just not President Bush's fiasco in Iraq.

Ryan Paul Stiner