Letters to the Editor

Arguing fools

As President Bush prepares to sacrifice more of our soldiers in a quagmire of his own choosing, we still have fools arguing that our effort in Iraq has prevented another 9/11 attack here in our country,

I say Iraq is another 9/11 attack -- 3,000 Americans dead, 2,700 of those after President Bush said "major combat operations in Iraq have ended." The fanatics over there didn't even have to cross the ocean to get here.

We made the killing of our people easy by putting them in harm's way. And to make it worse, most of our troops were killed not during battles, but just standing at checkpoints, waiting for a car bomb, roadside bombs or by snipers.

The fact that our brave soldiers died while involved in a poorly planned and executed mission is something we all should be ashamed of, especially when many large U.S. corporations have made huge profits off the war.

Saved us from another 9/11? Yeah, good thinking. Only cost us 3,000 of our best and brightest. Good work.

Jack Jarvis