Letters to the Editor

Oprah's vision

Kudos to Oprah Winfrey, a visionary human architect. The ultimate meaningful gift of the Academy for the Girls in South Africa is going to be a shrine of learning for the multitude of orphaned, homeless and deprived children for decades to come. What better way to bring dignity to human existence than through education? I hope Oprah's entourage of entertainers are inspired.

I know there are those who question the choice of location. The United States is the richest country in the world, whose blessings most of us enjoy. As I am writing this letter, I hear on the national news that a famous soccer player, an Englishman now playing in Madrid, is being hired by the Los Angeles Galaxy to the tune of $250 million. I wish someone would tell me that my hearing is bad.

We as a society must modify our priorities. It's the people at large who support the multibillion-dollar entertainment and sports industries. It's only fair for those "chosen" ones to share their blessings. I am sure it will be a better world to live in no matter where you are.

Nazik Messerlian