Letters to the Editor

Fire department should bill for plumbing calls

Kudos on The Bee's series of "freeze" articles, both before its onset and in its aftermath. No one should have been surprised by what the cold weather portended. One article regarding the Fresno Fire Department responding to, even cleaning up after, frozen pipes at private homes and businesses was particularly thought-provoking. My provoked thought was: Are you kidding me?

Are people today so stupid that they don't understand the implications of temperatures in the mid to low 20s, especially after days of warning? That they needed to protect exposed water pipes? That they don't know how to turn off their water? Or that they should have called their neighbor, the former property owner, the property manager, their insurance agent, a plumber or, lastly, the City Water Department?

It's outrageous some people are that dumb. But more outrageous is the taxpayer money spent for the fire department to deal with broken water pipes. Not to mention that the department would actually respond. I mean, why not call the police for a flat tire?

If people are that stupid, send them a bill for a "service charge"; $1,000 would be a good start.

L.W. Johnson

Shaver Lake