Letters to the Editor

Actions vs. words

I listen to and read daily comments and responses by politicians and citizens using terms such as "winning" or "losing" in Iraq. They speak of the war as if we are involved in a football game. Some have even said that one must be a wimp or coward if one does not support the war.

The daily Iraqi civilian death toll is atrocious. The ratio of deaths to the 28 million people living in that country is unconscionable. The fear in which the general population lives is all but unknown to us. It must be terrible for them. Too many in our country focus on winning, whatever that is. Does winning mean total subjection? Is this our goal?

It would be so much more palatable listening to our leaders if words such as "stabilizing the region" or "winning the hearts and minds of the people" were used.

Then again, "Actions speak louder than words" would best be used with any options that are chosen by our "well-meaning" leaders.

Tom Peratt