Letters to the Editor

'Temporary diversion'

I am astonished that, now that public opinion has swung against the administration's attempt to help Iraq establish a democratic government, everyone has become not only a political analyst, but also a military strategist. They all know what the president is doing wrong.

The Bee is printing these opinions by the handfuls (four Jan. 13), giving them a degree of credibility. Is that your bias showing?

When one listens to the real experts, if there are any, one continues to hear a number of them stating, that the troop "surge" might just be the right strategy at this time. In any case, something needs to be done to stabilize Baghdad. That would seem to be critical to any withdrawal strategy.

The political climate today reminds me of how I felt in 1971, returning from Vietnam, except even the military were considered criminals then. The difference, however, is that neither the Viet Cong nor the North Vietnamese had declared war on us, and had not successfully attacked our homeland.

For the terrorists, Iraq is a temporary diversion on their way to destroying Israel and the U.S., and we dare not forget that. Public opinion can be a fickle and dangerous thing.

Rodney J. Nidever