Letters to the Editor

One way to win

There is one way and only one way to win any war, any time, anywhere, and that is to end it! Nothing is ever won until it is over. Anyone who does not want to end a war, does not want to win it.

President Bush does not want to end his war in Iraq. Ergo, he does not want to win. He started it and is doing his very best to prolong it, causing as much death and destruction, as well as creating as many new enemies, as he can. His re-election was mostly a case of denial, that a Republican American president could really be so bad.

He should have been impeached long ago. My only caveat to doing it now is that it would probably take two years and he'll be out of office then anyway. An impeachment would at least be an honorable public admission of fault by the people of the U.S. for the actions of the chief executive. But that takes honor, courage and humility. Do we have those virtues? (The problem with the Israeli/Palestinians is that the Palestinians don't want to win, either. Without a war, they couldn't cry victim. They'd rather die!)

Kathy Jensen