Letters to the Editor

'The last voice'

Regarding the utility rate increase proposed by the Fresno City Council: Would the increase have been needed if council members had not given themselves that hefty pay increase a few months ago?

Knowing that most people work from 8-to-5, the council cleverly scheduled the proposed hearings for 5 p.m., the worst time possible.

It appears the council wanted as small a turnout as possible -- this would be to their advantage.

A simple solution, and one fair to all concerned, would be to mail a voting card with "yes" or "no" for the taxpayers to mark.

It has been my understanding that any tax increase must have the approval of the taxpayers anyway.

At the next City Council election, the slogan will be "Remember the utility tax increase and hefty pay increase they voted themselves."

When the voters become irritated, they have the last voice. See what happened to our departed Gov. Gray Davis when he signed the vehicle tax increase.

I suggest that all interested parties send this letter to their City Council members to let them know we are all in this together.

Morris Dunn