Letters to the Editor

'Cut off funding'

I read that our Austrian-born actor-governor has endorsed President Bush's latest "victory" strategy for continuing the destabilization of the Middle East with our military occupation of the nation of Iraq.

Great! A man who learned military and foreign affairs from hiking in the Alps and reading the script to "Conan the Barbarian" is backing the keen insights of George W. Bush, who looks at the pictures in "My Pet Goat" upside down for his in-depth analysis of how to run the world.

But could someone please tell me why the folks who allegedly voted these obviously unqualified men into office (rigged elections to the contrary notwithstanding) thought they would not do great harm to everyone and everything affected by their whacked political agendas?

While I am heartened that the most recent AP poll says that 70% of Americans are no longer buying the latest urge to surge, I am concerned that all 30% of their American supporters may live in the Valley.

Take a deep breath and realize that the only way to get out of their messes and regain our political sanity is to cut off funding for their grandiose delusions.

Berl Jay Hubbell