Letters to the Editor

'Cold capitalism'

"House OKs bill on price of drugs" (Jan. 13) begins to restore the confidence elderly people have in our government's power to reduce the cost of drugs. The article's subtitle, however, has the opposite effect: "Bush warns he would veto Medicare negotiation plan."

The president and most Republicans assert that the elderly would receive no savings if the government negotiated with drug companies. If this is so, one Democrat asks, why would President Bush "bother to veto" the House bill?

He would veto it because he and other conservatives do not believe in using the government's power to influence markets, which should be free. Of course, this is a myth, as demonstrated by our government's no-bid contracts and connections with corporations that exert immense power over our economy.

In short, President Bush and other friends of these corporations will attempt to continue the policy of providing the few -- especially pharmaceutical companies -- with the benefits of cozy socialism, while saddling the many with the risks of cold capitalism.

Tom Moradian