Letters to the Editor

'Get a better value'

I read with interest Kirk Hunter's letter [Jan. 13] concerning health insurance. Of particular interest were his comments concerning so-called "lifestyle choices and personal responsibility."

I wonder what he considers "lifestyle choices" and "personal responsibility." My husband and I are both self-employed and we pay almost $1,000 a month in health insurance. I would not object to this really, if I considered that we were getting good value for our money. However, this high priced insurance, which is the best we could afford (which would also accept us) doesn't pay for prescription medicine, lab and X-rays or preventative medicine. This means that we also pay out of pocket for around $500 a month in additional expenses.

My husband and I are both relatively healthy non-smokers, non-drinkers in our 50s. Does Mr. Hunter think we should be punished because our "lifestyle choices" don't include working for a big company that could negotiate for better coverage and lower rates?

Frankly, I would gladly pay what I am paying now into the Governor's Health Care plan if I could get a better value for my money!

Gail Daley