Letters to the Editor

From the bottom up

Defeat and conquer the enemy must be America's mission when we are at war. Politicians must never get in the way of this United States policy for political gain or advantage.

Our troops deserve total and absolute support. Mixed messages or confusion about the tactics or strategy and objectives to win or the final battle plans must be controlled by the commander-in-chief and the Defense Department and delivered by our military leaders, who are in command of the forces in the battlefield.

Americans must give our military 100% support from the bottom all the way to the top. Justification for war can be debated, but the debate should be over. The enemy will try to weaken our resolve. Our politicians should not join in the chorus line with that foreign doctrine.

If the commander-in-chief asks for a final opportunity to bring us home a victory with troop surge, I am a Democrat who supports the effort. Keeping Americans safe must be the president's first mission, and this includes our troops. And if he is wrong in his policy, his political party will pay at the polls in 2008.

John Estrada