Letters to the Editor

The wrong word

This is in response to a letter referring to those who discharge weapons on New Year's Eve as being equivalent to the terrorists held at Guantánamo Bay. I agree that weapons that can harm people should not be discharged in the air aimlessly. What I do not agree with is the stereotyping of these people as "terrorists."

We need to be very careful when we use that word and really understand that a terrorist being held at Guantánamo Bay is far different from someone shooting into the air on New Year's Eve.

Those shooting in the air have no preplanned objective to kill, destroy and cripple multiple thousands of innocent lives. The terrorists that the government labels "enemy combatants" are not even close to your definition of "terrorists."

Be careful using the word "terrorist" so lightly. There are people dying to protect us from "true terrorists" and with respect to them, I would use another word to describe New Year's Eve shooters.

Jackie Orpe

North Fork