Letters to the Editor

Time to take those noisemakers off the street

"If this is too loud, then you are too old" reads the license plate frame on an SUV. No, I'm not too old (40-something), but at least I can still hear. Can't say much about the driver of this SUV -- cruising down our city streets trying to entertain the world, with the 2,500-watt stereo system; that's enough to power a cappuccino maker, microwave and blender. By the time he hits his 40s, there will definitely be a hearing aid attached to his ear.

Fresno police traffic enforcement has had a significant impact on speeders. How about going after some noise pollution? Equip them with decibel meters alongside their radar guns. What people listen to is their business, but when I can't hear my own TV, sitting in my home with dual-pane windows, we have a problem.

I happen to have a neighbor who also likes to entertain the world. I have called police numerous times, but they show up after the car battery is already dead. No noise then -- at least until the car battery gets recharged.

Tony Cruz