Letters to the Editor

No blooms in winter

The Bee item "Europe having an early spring" [Jan. 11] cited the expert (to me, stupid) words of the "Austrian climate expert" Helga Kromp-Kolb, who contends that the disastrously early spring bloom because of a heretofore unknown warm winter with 60 degrees, has nothing to do with anything as "sinister" as global warming.

Ms. Kromp-Kolb reportedly encourages people to "chat" with their grandmothers to learn that probably there were many Januarys when people could sunbathe.

I just got off the phone asking my 86-year-old brother, a great-grandfather, living in Vienna, Austria, if he ever heard of the climate expert Kromp-Kolb. He had not. But neither can he recall a winter with blooming trees.

Neither can I, the 80-year-old. The Januarys of our childhood were invariably the coldest part of the winter. We went skiing and took our sleds to the hilly outskirts of Vienna. Ice skating was offered in the city. Ice-covered window panes were part of the winter scene.

With tongue in cheek, I would conclude that the Austrian climate expert may be a graduate from the George Bush school of climatology.

Isabell Lawson