Letters to the Editor

Warm weather only?

I wonder where the city water police are now. In the summer, they're everywhere giving tickets for watering at the wrong times or on the wrong days. I was told it's not due to wasting water, it's more because if we use water at the wrong times, the city has to pay higher electricity bills. I was told this by a supervisor of the water police.

My question is: Who is going to replace the sidewalks damaged by all the frozen, wasted water on them? I look out my window and every, I mean every, morning four houses have frozen sidewalks in front of them.

I guess the water police only come out when it's warm. I wonder if they're seasonal employees. I guess they're warm weather employees only. I wonder what I would find if I took a drive. Isn't that all the city employees need to do? I'm sure they have heaters in their vehicles.

I would be happy to give them the addresses of the people, but then we wouldn't need them anymore, would we?

I am getting really tired of paying elected officials and government employees for not doing their jobs. Aren't you?

Dana Bobbitt