Letters to the Editor

'Wimps and cowards'

The letters to this newspaper indicate that a portion of this country is nothing more than a bunch of passivists, wimps and cowards when it involves the military. They all appear to want the United States to lose the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. They never stop to think what will happen to all involved if we pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

We finally have a president who is trying to do something about the terrible ordeals in the Middle East. Then when the going gets tough, very capable men and women continue to join the military. The nervous-nellies fold like a cheap suit.

The military needs our support, not sniveling and whining from a crowd of pantywaists who couldn't hold a Marine's sack of dirty laundry. If people don't support the war, they should shut up for the sake of our brave military, who knew they were going there when they signed up.

Thank God there are military personnel with the high values this country represents to counteract the wheyface crowd out there who seem to conveniently forget that New York was a burning hell on 9/11.

Ken Sebesta