Letters to the Editor

Why so expensive?

I am sure that people are used to California's paying more for gasoline. I am just not sure why. A check today of gas prices around the country revealed the following: It's $2.03 in Akron, Ohio; $2.05 in Omaha, Nebraska; $2.19 in Tucson, Arizona; $2.39 in Rochester, New York; and $2.51 in Ventura, California. It's $2.43 in Fresno.

Do we really pay 40 cents more in taxes? I don't think so. I just moved my family out here from Akron, and prices there were consistently 10-15 cents cheaper than here over a six-month period, until we got to Christmas break, and now the jump is 40 cents a gallon more.

So what's the explanation? Oil and natural gas futures are at prices we haven't seen in two years. Have utilities and fuel suppliers dropped their prices as quickly as they raised them when gas prices were immediately priced up on futures that were six months away?

How different are our gas taxes from those other localities? If our taxes aren't 40 cents a gallon more, why aren't our prices adjusting in line with everywhere else?

Is our local government that uncaring to look into this? This consumer wants to know.

Matthew Perry