Letters to the Editor

'A little bit of justice'

A letter Jan. 12 equated George W. Bush's alleged involvement in Saddam Hussein's execution (there was none) to Pontius Pilate washing his hands of the blood of Jesus Christ.

Saddam was a murdering butcher, tried and convicted of his crimes under the laws of his country. He received far more of a trial than any of his victims received before being murdered, often in front of their spouses and children.

He was hanged, and later buried near his sons. Most of his victims are in mass graves, unmarked, with the location unknown by their families, who are living victims. He did not get what he deserved, which was far more than simple hanging, but his victims got what they deserved, and that is just a little bit of justice.

To compare the execution of a sadistic tyrant to the crucifixion of a totally innocent man is extremely lame and says more about the author's politics than anything else.

Charles Lockhart