Letters to the Editor

By the numbers

Eleven reasons why we should stop our war with Iraq:

1. Since 9/11, we are not safer from terrorism.

2. We have not caught Osama bin Laden.

3. We invaded Afghanistan, but we are not safer from terrorism.

4. Our defense in America is weaker since 9/11 because our troops and supplies are in Iraq.

5. Every day we are in Iraq, more and more people in the world hate us and have become our enemies.

6. There are more terrorists who hate us now than was true in 2001.

7. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that respects us and wants to be on our side. Of course, we send millions of dollars to them.

8. Solution: Bring our troops home from Iraq.

9. Offer to help build Iraq.

10. Support the United Nations to help bring peace to the Middle East.

11. Use our defense money to rebuild our defense at home -- not in Iraq.

Ronald D. Smith