Letters to the Editor

'Most incompetent'

I totally disagree with President Bush that what we should do now is send in more troops to Iraq. He absolutely failed to make a case for that Wednesday night. Sending in more troops is just sending in good money after bad.

Withdrawing from Iraq will not be disastrous for America. It will be our salvation -- of our honor, our material resources and soldiers, and our very souls.

There is no way for President Bush to salvage his presidency at this point, no matter what he does.

I think the disaster that he should worry about most is not the loss of America's honor or credibility for doing the right thing in withdrawing from this Iraqi civil war we largely created, but rather his awful legacy to history as clearly the most incompetent and ill-prepared president our country has ever had to endure. This is one president who really does deserve impeachment.

Gene Tuck