Letters to the Editor

'Changing his course'

Arch Burk (letter Jan. 10) seems to think that if our troops leave Iraq the terrorists will follow them to the U.S. With due respect to Mr. Burk's assumptions, there's no solid evidence this would happen.

It's an accepted fact that Osama bin Laden and the al-Qaida terrorist group were responsible for 9/11. Bin Laden is said to be in hiding on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border with Taliban protectors. There's no hard proof that he or al-Qaida are involved in Iraqi activities.

Roadside bombings are the work of die-hard Saddamists and insurgent terrorists who want us out of Iraq. Suicide bombings and other civil strife involves secular groups, primarily Sunnis and Shiites, killing each other for control of Iraq. There's no logical reason to believe any of these groups are interested in terror activities outside Iraq.

President Bush had it right in his original search for bin Laden. What a shame that he has cost our country more than 3,000 lives and billions of dollars by changing his course.

Pat Stidham